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Capture the seasonal beauty of Kodaira on INSTAGRAM!

Our association ask for your photos for INSTAGRAM which provide the attractions of KODAIRA.  Post your photo for the chance to win an amazing prize!  Let's join us! 


Gold award| 1 person

¥30,000 towards to a meal at Irorinosato in Kodaira.

※Image is for illustration purposes.


Silver award| for 3 people

※Image is for illustration purposes.


Bronze award| for 5 people

※Image is for illustration purposes.


Kodaira Horticultural Cooperatives prize(2people)

Roses grown in Kodaira

※Image is for illustration purposes.

How to Enter

Follow the steps below to enter the photo contest

ENTRY: December 24th 2022 –  February 28 th, 2023

Follow  @kodaira_tourism (Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association)on Instagram.
Post your photo with a description of when and where you took the photo and the hashtag #kodaira23winter
Where:Any location within Kodaira city, Tokyo
Theme:Attractive Kodaira in Winter

Please read the following terms and conditions before posting.

Sponsored by Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association

Co-host:  Kodaira Horticultural Cooperatives

About the background image
The background image is the gold prize winning work "First snow for the year at Tamagawajosui Aqueduct" @kanak0_daily of the Instagram Photo Contest “Late fall & winter in Kodaira 2021”

Announcement of winners

– Announcement of prize-winning Instagram posts: Prize-winning posts will be announced on the competition’s official website, Instagram account and Facebook of Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association.
– Selection of prize-winning posts: The Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association will award gold, silver and  bronze prizes and Kodaira Horticultural Cooperatives prizes.
– Notification of contest winners: After the entry period ends, the Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association will determine the prizewinners by December 10th, 2022. Prize winners will receive a direction message via Instagram no later than DMarch 15th, 2023. Failure to reply by the designated date will result in the forfeiture of the prize.

Application Terms and Conditions

– All applicants need to follow the official Instagram account @kodaira_tourism with the account used to enter the contest.
– Photo(s) must include the hashtag #kodaira23winter in the description.
– Any photos posted without the hashtag are ineligible.
– An individual may submit as many photos as desired to the contest within the campaign period but will only be eligible for one prize.
– Minors must obtain the contest of a guardian or parent before posting any photo(s).
– Professional photographers are eligible to enter the contest.
– Photos submitted to the contest, regardless of whether it received a prize or not, may be used by the Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association in magazine ads and other web-based media, or on SMS sites without notifying the poster of the photograph. We kindly ask for your understanding.
– Although the image size is automatically reduced upon uploading a photo to Instagram, the size of the original image should be 2MB or larger. High-definition data will be required as photos selected to win a prize will be featured in a poster presentation.
Please note the following
– After receiving the direct message, please reply within the designated period, which will be specified in the message. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the prize.
– Prizewinners who are not following the @kodaira_tourism, will be ineligible to receive a prize.
– In the event that a prize is not delivered due to omissions or deficiencies in the address provided by the prizewinner, the prize will be forfeited by the winner.
The prizewinners’ rights for the prize are exclusive to them and cannot be assigned to any third party.
– The prizes can only be sent to addresses within Japan.

Application rules

Please carefully read the following application Terms and Condition before participating in the Kodaira Instagram Photo Competition. Entry into the campaign via the usage of the hashtag #kodaira23winter is deemed as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Matters to note

– Only photos taken by the applicants themselves are eligible.
– The copyright of the posted photo belongs to its applicant (photographer). We only accept original photos taken by applicants who possess full rights (including copyrights) of the posted photos.
– We only accept photos which have never been published or aren’t intended for future publication. Duplicate entries of a work which has also been submitted to any other competition, or one which resembles any other work will be disqualified.
– Photos which seem to have been shot within restricted zones or no-trespassing zones will be disqualified.
– The consent of individual(s) featured in a photo must be obtained prior to submitting the photo to the contest. In the case that a photo features a minor, his or her parents’ consent is required.
– The organizer will assume no responsibility for any infringement upon the rights of any third party (portrait rights, etc.) associated with the posted photo.
– Posted photos that are found to be violating copyrights, offensive to public order or morals, or infringing on someone else’s privacy will be disqualified.
– When dispute arises between the applicant and any third party on the posted photo, the applicant must resolve such a dispute at his/her own expenses and responsibility.
– Accounts that are private are not eligible to apply for the competition.
– Posted photos may be entirely or partially edited (trimmed, etc.).
– Prizewinners will be notified via direct message from our official account. Upon receiving the message, please reply within the designated time period, which will be specified in the message. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the prize.
– For questions or inquiries, please send a direct message to our official Instagram account.
– This campaign is subject to change or cancellation without notice.
– This campaign is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Instagram.
– Please direct all questions pertaining to smartphone or smartphone settings to the respective cellphone service providers or manufactures.
– Unavoidable circumstances may result in changes to the application period or details, or the cancellation of the campaign. In such a case, the organizer will assume no responsibilities associated with any change or cancellation to applicants or any other individuals or corporations.

Prohibited acts

– Violation of application rules
– Act that obstruct the operation of this campaign
– Any acts detrimental to other people’s reputation or social trust.
– Violation of other people’s privacy, portrait rights or publicity rights.
– Violation of other people’s copyrights or any other intellectual property rights.
– Any acts corresponding to malicious slander against or the intimidation or harassment of others.
– Spoofing by using someone else’s name, company name, etc.
– Any acts for commercial purposes, including provision of information, advertisement and solicitation.
– Posting of images which have already been published elsewhere, such as other printed matters and exhibitions.
– Any acts that place excessive burdens on the server of this campaign.
– Violation of laws, or any other act that aids, solicits, forces or encourages such violation.
– Posting of data that encourage obscene acts or the pornography or sexual exploitation of children.
– Any acts offensive to public order or morals or common sense.
– Violation of laws and regulations or the terms of use of Instagram.
– Any other act corresponding to any of the above acts.

Handling of personal information

– Personal information will be used for the shipping of prizes.
Sponsor: Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association
Kodaira Tourism and Town Promotion Association
1-16-1 Gakuen Higashicho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo 187-0043
TEL: 042-312-3954 / Web:

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